Kiwi face mask

Our relationship to beauty products says so much about ourselves. Do we spend a fortune on tubes smaller than our pinkies that promise to erase fine lines, wrinkles and other skin problems? Have we been buying the same staff month in and month out in the hope that we get the skin we want? There are easy homemade recipes that helps us to get clear and young skin without any harm. Moreover they are less costly than those chemical cosmetic products. Today I want to talk about homemade face mask for every skin type. This recipe is a mix and match formula for face masks. So, no matter what your skin needs this recipe will accommodate. I tried the kiwi face mask although my mix turned out to be more a face scrub than mask. I really loved how my skin felt afterwards. kiwi is a brown little hairy egg-shaped fruit. It doesn’t look very promising from the outside. But believe me, don’t go by the exterior! Once you dig in, you will be introduced to a world of juicy delight kiwi fruit. kiwi is a soft and watery fleshy fruit that adds a unique twist to your salads, salsa, smoothies and face packs. What are face packs? Don’t be surprised! This seemingly humble looking fruit has immerse benefits for your skin. Kiwi fruit can be a good face scrub also. The benefits of kiwi face masks are:-

– kiwi contains high in vitamin c and phytochemicals along with vitamin E. Kiwi fruit can be extremely effective facial cleanser. Vitamin c content in kiwi fruits is very effective at cleansing away dirt and impurities from the skin. This same vitamin c content will also leave your face glowing and can lighten your skin tone as well.

– Kiwi fruit helps for collagen production. Our skin loses its suppleness as we age. Instead of turning to expensive chemical skin products, use homemade kiwi face mask. Vitamin c present in this fruit helps in the production of collagen as result it is the best remedy for skin anti aging. By saying this, let me tell you how you can prepare and use it.


– Make a rejuvenating kiwi face mask using mashed kiwi and 1 tablespoon curds

– Apply the mix to your face and neck.

– Massage it gently.

– Leave it on and wash off after 15 minutes with a gentle cleanser like olay revitalising cream cleanser.

– Repeat this twice a week for best results.