Work outfit ideas for women

You always want to look pretty as well as neat to go to work. Today I am going to give you some useful tips ” how to create work outfit ” ? Before you choose work outfit, you need to know  the right match. Skirts or slacks? Tights or bare legs? Sandals or pumps? These are the questions you might find asking yourself each morning as you select work outfit. If you work in law, regularly meet with executives or hold a high level position, you might be asked to come dressed “business formal ”  in ” boardroom atire “. This is the highest level of professional dress. The following style tips are helpful to dress for “business formal “:

– A well cut pantsuit or skirt suit in conservative neutral  colour, such as black, brown or navy.

– White button up with collar.

– Closed toe hills in a neutral colour such as black, brown and grey.

– Tights preferably in dark colour.

– Conservative aceessories such as diamond stads rather than chandeller earrings.

-Well groomed hair worn in conservative cut, such as a bob or soft layers.

– Well groomed neutral nails, that are either clear coated or painted  with toned polish.