Verstaile Nail Looks

When it comes to nail looks, the possibilities are endless. From classic and sophisticated to bold and trendy, there is a versatile range of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a natural and understated look or want to make a statement with vibrant colors and intricate designs, there is a nail look for everyone. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most versatile nail looks that you can try for any occasion.
One of the most popular nail looks that never goes out of style is the French manicure. This timeless and elegant design features a pale pink or nude base with white tips, giving your nails a clean and polished appearance. The French manicure is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, and it complements any outfit. You can also experiment with different variations of the French manicure, such as adding a glittery or metallic accent to the tips or using bold colors for a modern twist.
If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your nails, you can’t go wrong with a vibrant and eye-catching nail polish. Whether it’s a bold red, a bright coral, or a playful neon shade, a colorful manicure can instantly lift your mood and add a fun element to your overall look. You can choose to paint all your nails in the same color or create a playful mix-and-match design by using different shades on each nail. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different color combinations to find the perfect look for you.
For those who love a bit of sparkle and glamour, a glittery or metallic nail look is the way to go. Whether you opt for a full-on glitter manicure or add some shimmer as an accent, these nail looks are sure to make a statement. Glitter and metallic nail polishes come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to create a look that suits your personal style and the occasion. Whether you’re attending a special event or just want to add some sparkle to your everyday life, a glittery or metallic manicure is a perfect choice.
If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can try out some intricate nail art designs. From floral patterns to geometric shapes, there are endless possibilities when it comes to nail art. You can either visit a professional nail salon or try your hand at DIY nail art at home. There are plenty of tutorials and tools available to help you create stunning nail art designs. Whether you prefer a subtle and minimalist design or a bold and elaborate one, nail art allows you to express your creativity and showcase your unique style.
In conclusion, when it comes to nail looks, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer a classic and sophisticated look or want to experiment with bold colors and intricate designs, the options are endless. From the timeless French manicure to vibrant and eye-catching nail polish, from glittery and metallic nails to intricate nail art, you can find a nail look that suits your personal style and the occasion. So go ahead, have fun, and let your nails be a reflection of your individuality and creativity.

1. Nude Nails

One of the most versatile nail looks is the classic nude nail. This timeless and understated look is perfect for any occasion, from a day at the office to a formal event. Nude nails can be achieved with a variety of shades, ranging from light beige to soft pink. The key is to find a shade that complements your skin tone and gives your nails a natural, polished appearance.
To achieve the perfect nude nails, start by shaping and filing your nails to your desired length and shape. This step is important as it helps create a clean canvas for your manicure. If you prefer shorter nails, you can opt for a square or rounded shape, while longer nails can be filed into an elegant almond or stiletto shape.
Once your nails are shaped, it’s time to prepare them for the polish. Apply a base coat to protect your nails and prevent staining. This step is crucial, especially if you’re using a darker shade of nude polish that has the potential to leave behind a slight tint on your nails.
Now comes the fun part – applying the nude polish. With so many shades available, it’s important to choose one that suits your skin tone. Fair skin tones tend to look best with light beige or blush pink shades, while medium to dark skin tones can go for deeper, more caramel-toned nudes. If you’re unsure which shade to choose, don’t hesitate to ask a professional at your local nail salon for advice.
When applying the polish, start with a thin layer and allow it to dry completely before applying the second coat. This ensures a smooth and even application, preventing any streaks or patches. If you find that the color is not opaque enough after two coats, you can add a third layer, but remember to let each coat dry fully.
To finish off your nude manicure, apply a glossy top coat. This not only adds shine to your nails but also helps seal in the color and prolong the wear of your manicure. The top coat also acts as a protective barrier, preventing chipping and extending the life of your polish.
With your nails now perfectly polished, you can enjoy the versatility of nude nails. Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply going about your daily routine, this classic look is sure to complement any outfit and make you feel effortlessly chic. So go ahead, embrace the beauty of nude nails and let your hands do the talking.

2. French Manicure

Another versatile nail look that never goes out of style is the French manicure. This classic design features a natural or nude base color with white tips, giving your nails a clean and elegant look. The French manicure can be customized to suit your preferences, with variations such as colored tips or glitter accents.
To achieve a French manicure, start by applying a base coat to protect your nails from staining and to provide a smooth surface for the polish to adhere to. This step is crucial in ensuring the longevity of your manicure. Once the base coat is dry, it’s time to apply the base color. You can choose a sheer polish that closely matches your natural nail color for a more subtle look, or opt for a nude shade that complements your skin tone. Apply two thin coats of the base color, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next.
Now comes the fun part – creating the iconic white tips. There are several ways you can achieve this look. One option is to use a white polish and carefully paint the tips of your nails. Start by holding the brush at a slight angle and lightly stroke it across the edge of your nail, creating a clean and even line. Alternatively, you can use a white nail art pen for more precise application. These pens often have a fine tip, allowing you to easily draw thin lines for the tips of your nails. If you’re not confident in your freehand skills, you can also use nail guides or tape to create a stencil. Simply place the guide or tape just below the tip of your nail, leaving a small portion exposed, and then apply the white polish over it. Once the tips are dry, carefully remove the guides or tape to reveal clean and crisp lines.
To finish off your French manicure, apply a glossy top coat. This not only adds shine to your nails but also helps to seal and protect your manicure, preventing chipping and extending its longevity. You can also opt for a matte top coat if you prefer a more subtle and modern look. Whichever top coat you choose, make sure to apply it carefully, starting from the base of the nail and moving towards the tip, to avoid smudging the white tips.
The French manicure is a timeless and sophisticated nail look that is suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply want to elevate your everyday style, this classic design is sure to impress. Experiment with different variations, such as adding colored tips or glitter accents, to make the French manicure your own. With its clean lines and elegant simplicity, this nail look will never go out of fashion.

3. Statement Nails

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your nails, there are plenty of options to choose from. Statement nails are all about creativity and individuality, allowing you to express your personal style. Whether you opt for vibrant colors, intricate designs, or eye-catching embellishments, statement nails are sure to turn heads.
To create statement nails, start by choosing a base color that reflects your mood and personality. If you’re feeling bold and confident, go for a vibrant red or a deep purple. If you’re in a playful mood, opt for a bright neon shade or a pastel hue. The key is to choose a color that speaks to you and makes you feel empowered.
From there, you can get creative with nail art techniques such as ombre, marble, or geometric designs. Ombre nails, for example, involve blending two or more colors together to create a gradient effect. This technique adds depth and dimension to your nails, making them stand out even more. Marble nails, on the other hand, create a swirled pattern that mimics the look of marble stone. This technique is perfect for those who want a unique and sophisticated look.
If you’re feeling particularly artistic, you can also try your hand at freehand nail art. This involves using a thin brush to paint intricate designs directly onto your nails. You can create anything from floral patterns to abstract art, allowing you to showcase your artistic skills.
In addition to nail art techniques, you can also add embellishments like rhinestones, studs, or glitter for an extra touch of glamour. Rhinestones can be placed strategically on your nails to create a dazzling effect, while studs can add a edgy and rebellious vibe. Glitter, on the other hand, can be sprinkled over your nails or used to create a gradient effect, adding a touch of sparkle and glamour.
The key to creating statement nails is to have fun and experiment with different colors and designs. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. After all, your nails are a canvas for self-expression and creativity. So go ahead and make a bold statement with your nails!

4. Matte Nails

Matte nails have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their modern and edgy appearance. This versatile nail look can be achieved by using a matte top coat over any nail polish color, transforming it from glossy to matte. Matte nails can be worn on their own for a minimalist look or combined with other nail art techniques for a more intricate design.
To achieve matte nails, start by applying your chosen base color and allowing it to dry completely. Once dry, apply a matte top coat over the entire nail, making sure to cover the edges for a seamless finish. The matte top coat will instantly transform your glossy nails into a velvety matte texture, giving them a unique and sophisticated look.
One of the reasons why matte nails have gained so much popularity is their ability to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Whether you’re attending a formal event or just going about your daily routine, matte nails can elevate your look and make a statement. The matte texture adds a subtle twist to the traditional glossy nails, making them stand out and catch the eye.
Another advantage of matte nails is their longevity. Unlike glossy nails, which can chip and fade easily, matte nails tend to last longer and require less maintenance. The matte top coat acts as a protective layer, preventing the color from chipping and keeping your nails looking fresh for an extended period.
Moreover, matte nails offer endless possibilities for creativity and experimentation. You can play with different colors, textures, and patterns to create unique and personalized designs. From geometric shapes to floral patterns, the matte finish provides a perfect canvas for expressing your artistic side.
Furthermore, matte nails are suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to a casual gathering or a formal event, matte nails can complement your outfit and add a touch of sophistication. They can be paired with a little black dress for a classic and elegant look or with a vibrant ensemble to make a bold statement.
In conclusion, matte nails have become a popular trend in the world of nail art due to their modern and edgy appearance. They offer a versatile and sophisticated look that can be customized to suit any style or occasion. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a more intricate nail art, matte nails are sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. So, why not give this trend a try and elevate your nail game to a whole new level?

5. Gradient Nails

Gradient nails, also known as ombre nails, are a popular nail trend that allows you to blend multiple colors seamlessly. This versatile nail look can be achieved with any color combination, from soft pastels to vibrant neons. Gradient nails can be created using a sponge or a nail art brush, giving your nails a smooth and gradient effect.
To create gradient nails, start by choosing two or more colors that you want to blend together. This is where your creativity can shine! You can opt for a monochromatic look by choosing shades from the same color family, or you can go bold and experiment with contrasting colors for a striking effect. The choice is yours!
Once you have your colors selected, it’s time to prepare your nails. Apply a base coat to protect your nails and prevent staining. This step is crucial, especially if you’re using darker or highly pigmented colors. The base coat will create a barrier between your nails and the nail polish, ensuring that your nails stay healthy and strong.
Now comes the fun part! Take your sponge or nail art brush and apply the first color onto it. If you’re using a sponge, make sure it’s slightly damp to achieve a smoother gradient. Dab the sponge or brush onto your nail, starting from the cuticle and moving towards the tip. The key here is to use a gentle patting motion to blend the colors together. Don’t worry if it looks a bit messy at first, we’ll clean it up later.
Repeat this step with the second color, overlapping it slightly with the first color to create a seamless transition. If you’re using more than two colors, continue the process until you’ve achieved the desired gradient effect. Take your time and be patient, as creating a flawless gradient takes practice.
Once you’re satisfied with the gradient, it’s time to clean up any excess polish that may have gotten on your skin. Dip a small brush or a cotton swab into nail polish remover and carefully remove any stray polish around your nails. This step will give your manicure a polished and professional finish.

To seal and protect your gradient manicure, finish off with a glossy top coat. This will not only add shine to your nails but also help to prolong the life of your manicure. Apply a generous layer of top coat, making sure to cap the edges of your nails to prevent chipping.
Now sit back, relax, and admire your beautiful gradient nails. Whether you’re heading to a special event or just want to add a pop of color to your everyday look, gradient nails are a fun and trendy way to express your personal style. So go ahead, get creative, and experiment with different color combinations to create a unique and eye-catching manicure that will turn heads wherever you g

If you must have different outfits for work every day, then knowing what color nail polish goes with everything will be a great help. You won’t have to squeeze in a rushed manicure for every outfit to look complete.

Here we will have a closer look at nail polish colors that will work for an everyday look and still have you looking and feeling at your best. You don’t necessarily want it to match your outfit, but more so to complement what you are wearing.

With this guide, you won’t have to worry about finding something that matches every single day. This is great because, let’s be honest, we can all do with one less thing to fret over.

What Color Nail Polish Goes With Verstile Nail Look?

A good manicure allows us to have perfect nails anywhere from two to four weeks, so choosing a color that will work for this long is crucial. Let’s have a look at the colors that you could use.

Olive Green

what nail polish color goes with everything

Wear Wild Willow anytime, anyplace, and with everything. This shade of green is neutral but is most stunning in the fall. The color is harmonious and it is said that people who wear this color are gentle by nature, balanced and strong-willed. 

Although it goes with everything, the color looks especially great with black leather. It gives the look a sense of sophistication. It is also quite beautiful with white, your nails pop against the white drawing attention to your perfect manicure.

Earthy, adventurous, and powerful, this color works well when outdoors or inside, up in the mountains, or in the city. We love this color with blue, yellow, white, black, and or nude. It’s also a great color for a background color if you’re doing floral or leaf-related nail art.

Gray Nails

What nail polish goes with everything

The different shades of Gray will work with your wardrobe all year round. Lighter shades like Mirror Mirror Nail Polish are perfect for spring and summer. It goes beautifully with a white dress or suit. 

Our favorite colors to pair Gray with for summer are white, green, red, yellow, orange, and pink. These colors really look great together.

The darker shades like Mansion Lane Nail Polish can be great for the colder months. These Grays are moody, yet sophisticated and work well when paired with leathers and denim. 

what color toe nail polish goes with everything

It also complements silver jewelry beautifully. And when paired, it looks modern yet edgy but also adds that touch of elegance to your look. It’s just an overall versatile shade that works well for every occasion. 

Beige or Nude Nails

what color of nail polish goes with everything

Nude or beige tones are incredibly versatile, and we like these because not only does it work every day, but it is also great for special occasions. Nudes are classy and bring a sense of elegance to any occasion.

There are many shades of nude and the shade you choose will depend on your unique skin tone. Medium and darker complexions typically suit any shade of nude, but it’s usually preferred to go with a lighter shade so that you don’t end up with mannequin-like nails.

what is the best color of nail polish that goes with everything

Opt for colors like our Mind, Body, Spirit, or our Sheer Nude. There are also darker shades of nude like our Roam With Me and Trailblazer that will also look great.

You will need to find that perfect beige or nude that complements your skin tone. So, paint one or two nails as you go through the different shades to see which works for you.

do you know what nail polish color goes with everything

This classy shade compliments gold jewelry beautifully and these shades work for any outfit, any time of the year. You can transition effortlessly from casual to formal instead of wasting time worrying about how to match nail polish to dress appropriately. 

White Nails

If you don’t know how to wear white nail polish, don’t fret, it’s actually the easiest color to pair. White nails truly go with everything and make any color pop. If you’re silently questioning “does white nail polish look good?”, the answer is yes.

In the summertime it can be paired beautifully with pastels or bright clothing in your wardrobe. And in the winter it pairs beautifully with everything from Winter White to darker colors. White nail polish goes with everything from jeans to formal dresses and even a beach look.

There isn’t an outfit white nail polish does not work with. It’s also a perfect color for short nails, it gives them a crisp, fresh look.

But be cautious when working with food and spices. You may want to stay away or wear gloves when handling turmeric or anything else you think could possibly stain your white polish. Because if they get stained, it’s hard to remove the stains and you might end up having to redo the whole manicure.  

Pink Nails

do you know what color toe nail polish goes with everything

Pink nails are also known as blush nails and are really close to your natural nail color. It’s great for when you want your nails to look almost bare but polished. You just need to get the shade of pink perfect for you. 

Pink nails are modern and chic and your nails look on point yet barely there. When it comes to your skin tone, you need not worry either, blush goes with all skin tones. You might find that a few shades of this light pink will work for your skin tone. It works particularly well with sun-kissed skin.

Deciding what to wear with blush nails is easy because everything goes with this color, unlike the darker shades where the colors don’t match as easily.

It’s also quite popular for weddings. Try Lift The Veil Nail Polish, whether you’re the bride or a guest, this color is ideal for this occasion. Ethereal Plane Nail Polish is another example of a blush shade. It is a soft neutral with a gentle shimmer and a little bit of opalescence. 

do you know what is the best color of nail polish that goes with everything

Red Nail Polish 

Red is stylish, bold, and vibrant. It works because it is iconic, and a tried and true classic. This popular nail polish color works with every style and is embedded in our memory due to many famous stars wearing the color over centuries of filmmaking.

With their confidence and elegance, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth helped popularize red lacquer in the ’50s. Marlene Dietrich took the lead in the rom-com Angel film in 1937, where she wore a rose-red polish. 

The 50’s star Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy often paired her iconic red hair with bright crimson lips and nails. Faye Dunaway became a style icon in the neo-noir Chinatown by pairing her hats with a shiny red manicure. 

Barbara Streisand wore red when she played Fanny Brice in Funny Girl and the late, great Olivia Newton-John wore scarlet nails and lipstick when she played Sandy, in the classic film, Grease. Joan Collins wore red as Alexis Carrington Colby in the iconic show Dynasty and the list goes on and on. 

The color is a classic for a reason and will continue to be for decades. The color is timeless.

Navy Blue Nails

do you know What nail polish goes with everything

Don’t be shocked that we’ve included navy blue on this list. It can look very smart and matches well with every color. It’s stylish, modern and will go with your evening dress, jeans, and pretty much everything.

If you think about it, Navy lies between black and denim blue, of which both colors are extremely versatile. It’s easy to wear and pairs stunning against all skin tones. It’s also one of the colors associated with Royalty.

Royal Navy Nail Polish is a great shade of blue. It’s shiny with a not-so-obvious sparkle which makes it fun in the sun. Navy is a great color to wear with white and with nude.

Your navy nails will elevate any outfit and make you feel, well, polished. And just like gray, navy pairs beautifully with silver jewelry.

Chocolate Brown

Brown might not be everyone’s favorite nail color, but it is one of the most versatile colors for nails. The right shade of brown nail polish certainly can go with everything. 

Brown nails can go with casual wear, and they can go with formal wear quite easily. It’s also a great color for fall. Pair it with wardrobes that include shades of pink, yellow, creams, oranges, gold, and even shades of green.

It’s a warm color that works so well with every shade of clothing, every skin tone and great for Fall and Winter. Orange is also just as great for fall. Read what color nail polish with an orange dress for some ideas on how to enhance your orange with a gorgeous manicure.


Ivory is soft and subtle and it is a gorgeous color nail polish for redheads. It’s a neutral color that goes with everything from creams to grays, browns, navy, greens, and deep reds. The color is timeless, stunning with gold jewelry and also a beautiful color for weddings. 

The off-white color has a slight hint of warmth, making it not as harsh as white. It’s also great against vibrant clothing. People who opt for this color usually are very stylish and enjoy versatility.


Any of the above colors will be a good choice if you are concerned about which nail polish matches the shoe colors you have in your wardrobe. Changing your nail polish frequently takes up your free time and increases your budget.

So the easiest solution is to select nail colors that are verstile and go with everything. Whether your preference is for gel polish,