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Zig Zag braids is just one of many braided hairstyles that are beautiful and artistic. Zig zag braids are also just the beginning most braided hairstyles are built from a zigzag cornrow foundation. In fact, there are so many different ways that a person can braid their hair, that many celebrities have named braided hairstyles after themselves. This article will explain what zigzag braids are, and how to take care of them as well. Zig zag braids are protective hair styles.

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    Braids are something of a workhorse in the world of hairstyles: they’re all at once classic and trendy—and protective, to boot. That being said, there are so many types and styles of braids, it can be difficult to settle on one.

    To help manage the overwhelm, we’ve gathered together 14 of the most popular braided hairstyles and supplemented them with celeb photos so you can see what each style looks like, IRL. We were also sure to add a couple of tips, tricks, and tutorials along the way.


    • Lacy Redway is a Unilever Global Stylist, TRESemmé Future Stylists Fund Selection Committee Member, and celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Ruth Negga, Lucy Boynton, Laura Harrier, and more.
    • Kendall Dorsey is a celebrity hairstylist who works with clients like Kelly Rowland, Saweetie, Alicia Keys, and more.
    • Dr. Kari Williams is a licensed cosmetologist, board-certified trichologist, and member of DevaCurl’s Expert Curl Council.

    Box Braids

    Amandla Stenberg

    Box braids are created by securing the hair extension around the base of the natural hair and creating a box-like knot attachment at the root. They were especially popular in the ’90s, which gives them a cool-girl vibe when worn today. “Box braids serve as a protective style on textured hair,” Lacy Redway, Unilever Global Stylist, TRESemmé Future Stylists Fund Selection Committee Member, and celebrity hairstylist, adds. “It allows you to have your hair protected for a period of time while still being able to style it in various hairstyles using the box braids as the foundation of the hairstyles.”

    Knotless Braids

    Ryan Destiny

    Knotless braids have gained popularity for being a more lightweight, natural-looking alternative to box braids. Unlike traditional box braids, this style doesn’t have the traditional knot at the top of each braid. Instead, it is achieved by feeding in the hair mid-braid. “The benefit of the knotless technique (when done properly) is it prevents traction alopecia, which is a common form of hair loss for women who have braids that are installed too tight with the large knots,” Williams says. “This technique can take longer to install, but it’s worth the health of the hair and scalp.”

    Micro Braids

    Zoe Kravitz

    Micro braids are just like box braids in that they can be created using the same technique. They’re just—you guessed it—smaller. The modern-day poster child for micro braids (in our humble opinion) is Zoë Kravitz. She has walked many a red carpet donning the very same chic style, albeit with a couple of hair color switch-ups along the way. “They are designed to be versatile, which is the beauty of them,” Redway says. “You can style as you please.”

    Cornrow Braids

    Yara Shahidi wearing cornrow braids in a bun

    As you can see from Yara Shahidi, actress and activist extraordinaire, cornrows are braids that form narrow parallel strips down the head. They’re normally positioned from front to back, but she put a unique twist on a classic look by wearing hers pulled back with a wired braid construction artfully crafted around it. To help maintain your style, Dorsey recommends spritzing on the Dark and Lovely Hair Refresher For Protective Styles ($15).

    Crown Braid

    Vanessa Hudgens wearing a blonde crown braid

    Next we have the crown braid, which looks complex and time-consuming but happens to be exactly the opposite. Our favorite way create a crown braid is to start with a traditional side braid before wrapping it up and over the top of the forehead, securing it with bobby pins along the way. We always make sure to leave out a couple face-framing pieces à la Vanessa Hudgens. Be sure to add a spritz of a stronghold hair spray to keep it intact all day long. We suggest Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray ($28). 

    Fishtail Braid

    Storm Reid wears cool, easy braids in a fishtail braid

    A fishtail braid is one of our all-time favorite styles as it’s playful and unexpected. It’s easy to distinguish from other braids since it looks like a mirror reflection of itself. Storm Reid shows us how it’s done by styling her box braid, fishtail braid off to one side.

    French Braid

    Emily Blunt wearing a french braid around her head

    French braid, as demonstrated by Emily Blunt, is a traditional three-piece braid. As you plait the hair together, add a section from either side on each rotation. It’s one of the most versatile and chic of braids, which is why we see it so often at red carpet events. Style it in the traditional way, as a single-braided strand running down the nape of the neck, or do as Blunt does and position it to the side for an elegant updo.

    With practice, it’s an easy style to create. If you need a little refresher, head to YouTube for pointers (no judgment—braiding takes a lot of time and patience).  

    Dutch Braid

    Rita Ora wearing blonde Dutch braids

    Dutch braid, on the other hand, is created in the same exact way as you would a French braid—except inverted. Instead of winding the hair over itself as you plait, you wind it underneath the other strands. This small change makes a big difference. You see, instead of the braid flowing inward, it flows outward, which makes the braid pop out slightly. Take Rita Ora’s hair, for example. Here, she wears it in Dutch-braided pigtails. Just compare her braids to Emily Blunt’s French-braided style, and you’ll see that Ora’s braids are much more defined and visible. (A molding paste, like Living Proof’s Texture Volumizer $30, will accentuate the braid even more while providing hold

    Zig Zag Braids are very stylish. Before trying a zigzag braids hairstyle, you should first practice a normal cornrow hairstyle.zig zag braids is just one of many braided hairstyles that are beautiful and artistic.

    Zig Zag braids is just one of many braided hairstyles that are beautiful and artistic. Zig zag braids are also just the beginning most braided hairstyles are built from a zigzag cornrow foundation. In fact, there are so many different ways that a person can braid their hair, that many celebrities have named braided hairstyles after themselves. This article will explain what zigzag braids are, and how to take care of them as well. Zig zag braids are protective hair styles.

    It is believed that this style was first created as a way to add flair to a basic cornrow hairstyle. Since then it has become very popular among African American celebrities, especially with rappers. The more popular it is in the famous African American culture, the more popular it becomes to the teenage African American culture.

    How to Do Zig Zag Braids

    Before trying a zigzag braid hairstyle, you should first practice a normal cornrow hairstyle. If you cannot successfully complete a basic cornrow style, you will not be able to do the cornrows more difficult cousin, the zigzag.

    First you will need to create the zigzag part, which you can part anywhere on the head that you choose to. This will be where your first braid will begin. You will then divide the hair into three sections, and begin braiding towards the nape of the neck. You will have to add more hair into the braid as you go, think of it as a very small French braid.

    Once you have completed the first braid, you must then create a second part. This should turn away from the last braid and begin the zigzag pattern. Make sure to separate the hair you are braiding, from the hair you are not. You do not want to pick up any extra hair that is not supposed to be in the braid. Depending on the hair you are braiding you may or may not need elastics.

    The length of time that this hairstyle can take depends on several factors. The skill level of the person braiding, the thickness of the hair being braided, the size of the braids you are braiding, and how intricate of a design you are doing.

    This style is popular amount young men but can be very attractive is a woman’s hair as well. A cute variation of this style is the zigzag ponytail, or pigtails. This is when you braid the hair into a ponytail. You would go about braiding as your normally would, only in this hairstyle you would not finish the braids. Instead, you would leave the ends of the braids loose so that they can be put into a ponytail.

    How to Create Zigzag Braids: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Braids are a versatile and stylish hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion. One popular variation of braids is the zigzag braid. This unique style adds a fun and creative twist to the traditional braid, making it a great choice for those looking to stand out. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating zigzag braids, ensuring that you can achieve this trendy look with ease.

    Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

    Before you begin braiding, it is important to prepare your hair properly. Start by washing and conditioning your hair to ensure that it is clean and manageable. Once your hair is dry, comb through it to remove any tangles or knots. If your hair is prone to frizz, you may want to apply a small amount of anti-frizz serum or hair oil to keep it smooth and sleek.

    Step 2: Section Your Hair

    To create zigzag braids, you will need to section your hair into multiple parts. The number of sections will depend on how thick you want your braids to be. For thinner braids, create smaller sections, and for thicker braids, create larger sections. Use a rat-tail comb to part your hair into equal sections, ensuring that the parts are straight and even.

    Step 3: Begin Braiding

    Once your hair is sectioned, it’s time to start braiding. Take the first section of hair and divide it into three equal parts. Cross the right section over the middle section, then cross the left section over the new middle section. Repeat this process, crossing the right section over the middle, then the left section over the new middle, until you have reached the end of the section.

    Step 4: Create the Zigzag Pattern

    To create the zigzag pattern, you will need to alter the direction of your braids. Instead of continuing to braid straight down, angle the braid to the left or right. For example, if you started with a regular braid, angle the next braid to the right. This will create a diagonal effect. Continue braiding in this zigzag pattern until you reach the end of the section.

    Step 5: Secure the Braid

    Once you have finished braiding a section, secure the end with a small hair elastic or a clear elastic band. Make sure the elastic is tight enough to hold the braid in place but not too tight that it causes discomfort. If desired, you can also use bobby pins to secure any loose strands or flyaways.

    Step 6: Repeat the Process

    Continue the braiding process with each section of hair, alternating the direction of the zigzag pattern. Take your time and make sure each braid is neat and tight. If you find it difficult to braid certain sections of your hair, you can use hair clips to temporarily hold them out of the way while you work on the other sections.

    Step 7: Finishing Touches

    Once you have braided all the sections, take a moment to check your work. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that all the braids are even and secure. If desired, you can gently tug on the edges of the braids to loosen them slightly and create a more relaxed look. Finally, you can apply a light-hold hairspray to set the style and keep your braids in place throughout the day.


    Zigzag braids are a fun and stylish way to elevate your braiding game. By following these simple steps, you can achieve this unique and eye-catching hairstyle. Whether you’re heading to a special event or simply want to switch up your everyday look, zigzag braids are a great choice. So, grab your comb and hair elastics, and get ready to rock this trendy hairstyle!