Spring 2024 Hair Colour Trends

Spring 2024 Hair Colour Trends

There are variety of spring 2024 hair colour trends that we love to try, with the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to refresh your look and embrace the latest hair colour trends. Spring 2024 brings forth a wave of fresh and vibrant hues that will undoubtedly make a statement. Whether you’re looking to make a bold change or prefer a subtle update, there’s a hair colour trend for everyone this season.

1. Pastel Perfection

One of the top design trends in 2024 is a style direction where the fashion and interiors worlds are on the same page (even Pantone agrees): ice-cream pastels are among the most covetable colours right now. The catwalks are encouraging head-to-toe dressing, and there’s no doubt this approach works for the hair too

Pastel hair colours have been popular for several seasons now, and they continue to reign supreme in Spring 2024. Think soft shades of lavender, baby blue, and blush pink. These delicate pastel hues add a touch of whimsy and femininity to any hairstyle. Whether you opt for an all-over pastel shade or incorporate pastel highlights, this trend is sure to turn heads.

For those who prefer a more subtle approach, consider trying a pastel balayage. This technique involves hand-painting pastel hues onto select strands of hair, creating a natural-looking gradient effect. It’s a fantastic way to experiment with pastels without committing to a full head of colour.

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2. Sun-Kissed Brunettes

While blondes often steal the spotlight when it comes to sun-kissed hair, brunettes can also embrace this trend in Spring 2024. The key is to achieve a natural-looking, sun-drenched effect that mimics the way the sun naturally lightens hair.

One way to achieve this look is through a technique called “bronde.” It involves adding subtle highlights in shades of caramel, honey, and golden brown to create dimension and depth. This technique works particularly well on brunettes with warmer undertones.

Another option for sun-kissed brunettes is the “babylights” technique. Babylights are ultra-fine highlights that mimic the natural highlights seen in children’s hair. These delicate highlights add a touch of brightness and create a sun-kissed effect that is both subtle and beautiful.

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3. Bold and Bright

What are bold hair colors?

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Bold Hair Color Ideas

  • Denim Blue Hair Color. More low-key and understated than say, neon pink, denim is a gorgeous bold shade that’s quickly gaining popularity. …
  • Violet Red Hair Color. Auburn red has traditionally been the gateway to going bold. …
  • Indigo Hair Color. …
  • Platinum Blonde Hair Color.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a statement, Spring 2024 is the perfect time to embrace bold and bright hair colours. Vibrant shades such as fiery reds, electric blues, and vibrant purples are all the rage this season.

For those who want to go all out, a full head of bright colour can create a striking and eye-catching look. However, if you prefer a more subtle approach, consider adding pops of bold colour through highlights or ombre techniques. This allows you to experiment with vibrant hues while still maintaining a more subdued overall look.

When opting for bold and bright hair colours, it’s essential to consult with a professional hairstylist. Achieving and maintaining these colours often requires bleaching or lightening the hair, which can be damaging if not done correctly. A professional will ensure that your hair remains healthy and vibrant throughout the process.


Spring 2024 offers a variety of exciting hair colour trends to suit every style and preference. Whether you’re drawn to soft pastels, sun-kissed brunettes, or bold and bright hues, there’s a trend that will allow you to express your individuality and embrace the spirit of the season.As we make our way into brighter, warmer days, we’re looking for ways to refresh our spring hair color for 2024 — bronde feels tired and copper has been done. Hollywood blonde is so one month ago. And antiqued blues and greens are just too sleepy for spring.

Remember, when experimenting with hair colour, it’s important to consult with a professional hairstylist who can guide you through the process and help you achieve your desired look. So, go ahead and embrace the fresh and vibrant hair colour trends of Spring 2024 – it’s time to make a statement!