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Easy Curly Hair Styles

Easy curly hair styles are stylish and good looking

Though full of personality, curly hair gets a little quiet when it comes to intricate hairstyles. However, there are several easy hairstyles for curly hair that’ll allow you to get a little more creative and look super cute.

Smiling women with easy curly hairstyles. Photo: CoffeeAndMilk (modified by author) Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

Curly hair is a blessing, but it isn’t easy to manage. So once, you’ve found what looks excellent on your curls, it can be tempting to stick to one or two basically styles – but you don’t have to. There are a variety of simple hairstyles for curly hair that’ll have you looking chic

Easy hairstyles for curly hair

1. Curly pineapple

Beautiful, smiling woman with a curly pineapple hairstyle. Photo: PeopleImages Source: Getty Images© Provided by Tuko

This particular hairstyle is a classic choice for individuals with curly hair. Simply create a stylish high ponytail and allow your curls to cascade down, achieving an effortlessly chic appearance.

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It’s ideal for daily routines, and you can add a touch of variation by gathering your curls to one side and securing them with a headscarf. Moreover, the curly pineapple hairstyle is a heat-free method to elongate your natural curls.

2. French braided low ponytail

Side shot of woman with French braided low ponytail. Photo: Stylecraze Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

This easy hairstyle is ideal for your day-to-night activities. The elegant French braids form a low-wrapped ponytail that won’t fall out at every turn.

3. French twist

Side shot of woman with creative French twist hairstyle. Photo: The Curl Story Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

Despite its exquisite appearance, most hairstyles aren’t as easy as the eye-catching French twist. This style is incredible and best for unwashed curly hair.

4. Curly hair ponytail

Beautiful woman with curly hair ponytail. Photo: Hair Romance Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

This hairstyle is designed to flaunt your gorgeous curls while ensuring your hair stays away from your face. What’s more, it’s incredibly simple to achieve: lean your head downward, gather your hair at the top, and fasten it with a hairband. For a tousled appearance, gently tease the strands free from the band and tousle the hair around your face to emphasize the curls.

5. Messy bun for curly hair

Beautiful woman with giant messy curly bun. Photo: Loepsie Source: Youtube© Provided by Tuko

Long, curly hair looks perfect when pulled up into a messy bun or a relaxed chignon with plenty of face-framing strands. To achieve this hairstyle, gather your hair at your neck nape, then twist and roll it into a messy, rough, low bun. Make sure there are a few strands around your face to make the look less severe.

6. Half lob

Beautiful woman with red lipstick rocking the half-lob hairstyle. Photo: Lauren Conrad Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

It’s best for ladies with long, curly hair as it makes them walk on the tamer side. Letting the hair rest on one side gives it some old Hollywood glamour.

7. Twisted maiden braids

Back shot of woman with twisted maiden braids. Photo: Girl Loves Glam Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

This romantic style can be done in minutes; you just need bobby pins. It’ll give your natural curls an exquisite finishing touch that’s ideal for any occasion.

8. Afro

Black woman with curly hair is wearing a hairpiece and is outdoors. Photo: Thrive Naija Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

Are you looking for easy hairstyles for curly hair for school? You should try the Afro hairstyle. Embrace the beauty of a full afro, highlighting both your curls and voluminous hair. Consistent conditioning is essential for this hairstyle to retain moisture and enhance its natural shine. Furthermore, the versatility of the afro allows for easy transitions to different styles.

9. Pixie cut

Woman with a pixie cut posing next to a wall. Photo: Latest Hairstyles Source: Facebook© Provided by Tuko

Opting for a shorter haircut minimizes the time required for drying and styling and offers various styling possibilities. Whether you add a pop of colour or sleekly pull back your hair in a pixie cut, the convenience of a short haircut ensures that your hair is ready to go after a quick drying session, making it perfect for those on the go.

10. Loose, defined curls

Smiling woman with loose, defined curls. Photo: Bangstyle Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

Beautifully loose, defined curls hairstyle is among the best hairstyles for curly, frizzy hair. This style beautifully showcases coils and kinks and is perfect for women with medium-length hair. To attain this look, deeply condition your hair using a preferred product and gently comb through your strands with a wide-toothed comb to ensure even product distribution.

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Afterwards, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and delicately blot it dry using a microfiber towel. Additionally, it’s advisable to avoid brushing dry curls as it can disrupt the styling product and distort the natural curl pattern, resulting in dry, frizzy lengths lacking definition.

11. Bobs for short curly hair

Back shot of a woman with curly red hair indoors. Photo: Latest Hairstyles Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

Curly bobs are always chic – but you’ll be limited to the hair amount you can play with. For more volume, make a side part and add some glittery bobby pins to make it attractive. If you have straight bobbed hair, thoroughly wash, condition and dry it with your towel, then use your preferred hair product to enhance your natural waves and curls.

12. Cuffed high ponytail

Smiling woman with curly hair. Photo: Naturally Curly Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

This hairstyle is super easy. Gather your curls into a sleek, high pony and secure it with a metallic bun cuff. It’s among the easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair for black girls.

13. Faux bangs on curly hair

Beautiful woman fixing her faux bangs on curly hair. Photo: BiancaRenee Source: Youtube© Provided by Tuko

Faux bangs or fake or clip-in bangs are popular in the styling world. It’ll allow you to experiment with a fringe without committing to a haircut and offers versatility.

14. Sleek pouffe

Woman with sleek puff for curly hair. Photo: Cosmopolitan Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

The sleek pouffe is an excellent option for women aiming for an effortlessly chic appearance. Because it requires minimal effort, it is easy to enhance the volume of your gorgeous curly hair.

15. Flexi rod curls

Woman when and after creating flexi rod curls. Photo: Curly Nikki Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

Flexi rod curls will allow you to achieve tighter curls without heat. Simply divide your hair into sections, apply moisturizer and mousse, and then wrap the rods. Leave the rods in place overnight, and in the morning, you’ll be greeted with wonderfully bouncy curls.

16. Voluminous half updo

Woman fixing her beautiful voluminous half updo. Photo: InStyle Source: Instagram© Provided by Tuko

The voluminous half-updo hairstyle is a chic alternative to full-on updos for formal affairs. A fancy half updo is stylish and will help maintain your curly hair.

17. Bow bun

Beautiful woman rocking the bow bun hairstyle on curly hair. Photo: Byrdie Source: Youtube© Provided by Tuko

The bow bun hairstyle will look floppy on straight hair, but it’s so adorable on curly hair. Don’t miss out on this fun hairstyle.

18. Finger waves

Black woman with finger waves on her natural curls. Photo: StyleCraze Source: Getty Images© Provided by Tuko

Finger waves look incredible on any curly hair length. Even though they’re easy to create, they need patience; you’ll surely love the results.

19. Vintage scarf

Beautiful women rocking a beautiful vintage scarf. Photo: CEAT Source: Getty Images© Provided by Tuko

Vintage scarf styles are easy and mostly perfect for summer. The best part is that they need minimal effort to put on plus they won’t affect your hair length and more. In addition, it’s one of the best hairstyles for curly hair over 50.

20. Fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are doable hairstyles and one of the most sought-after daily hairstyles for curly frizzy hair. They are incredible for spring, outdoor music festivals or something fun.

Wrapping up

You don’t need to wake up early to style your hair when it comes to easy hairstyles for curly hair. They’re all easy to create, on-trend and perfect for modern and traditional girls. has shared an article about the best curly braid hairstyles. Curly hair has excellent potential when it comes to styling techniques. The trick behind perfect curly braids is getting them to act regularly. This article has a compilation of curly braid hairstyles with extra creativity. Read it for more information