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Many mothers like to wear maternity outfits. Because Maternity outfits give them comfort. Many mothers-to-be contemplate transitioning to maternity outfits around the second trimester, typically between 12 and 16 weeks. Regular clothes may feel too snug for comfort as your precious baby bump grows. It’s important to emphasize that every body and pregnancy is unique.27 Feb 2024

Maternity Outfits You’ll Actually Want to Wear

A woman wears a polka dot maternity outfit

We get it: Shopping for maternity outfits can be tricky, and maintaining your personal style at various stages of pregnancy can be even more challenging. But that doesn’t mean fashion lovers have to sit out an entire season (or longer). It is absolutely possible to create great-looking maternity outfits without having to purchase an entirely new wardrobe of oversized items. Yes, comfort is still key, but that no longer means sticking solely to baggy pants and tent dresses.

To break out of the usual maternity outfit rut, we reached out to personal stylist and mother of two Jamie Lewis to help guide us toward more flattering fits and statement pieces. “Clothing in the maternity section of a store can be limiting,” she cautions, “So I advise my clients to keep an open mind when browsing in other departments. With a few styling tricks, most garments have the potential to carry you through the majority of the pregnancy.” 

Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative journey, and while it comes with its unique challenges,  dressing stylishly shouldn’t be one of them. Today’s maternity fashion offers a plethora of options that  allow expectant mothers to maintain their style and comfort from the first trimester to postpartum. This  guide will delve into various maternity outfit ideas that cater to different occasions and personal styles,  ensuring you look and feel your best throughout this special time.


Maternity wear is designed to accommodate a growing belly while providing support and comfort.  Modern maternity clothing often incorporates stretchy fabrics, adjustable features, and strategic cuts to  flatter your changing shape. When building your maternity wardrobe, consider investing in key pieces that  can be mixed and matched to create various outfits. Here are some essential categories to focus on: 


1.1. Maternity Leggings 

Every expectant woman has to have maternity leggings. Look for high-quality, stretchy materials with a  supportive belly band. They can be paired with tunics, oversized sweaters, or maternity tees for a relaxed  yet put-together look. Black leggings are versatile, but don’t shy away from patterned or colored options  to add some variety to your wardrobe. 

1.2. Maxi Dresses 

Maxi dresses are perfect for effortless style. Choose ones with empire waists or wrap designs that provide  plenty of room for your bump. Floral prints, stripes, and solid colors can all make a statement. For cooler  weather, layer with a cardigan or denim jacket.

1.3. Maternity Jeans 

Invest in a pair of well-fitting maternity jeans. Over-the-bump styles offer extra support, while under-the bump jeans can be more comfortable for some women. Pair them with maternity tops or non-maternity  tops that have a longer length. 


2.1. Maternity Blouses and Tunics 

For a professional look, choose maternity blouses and tunics that offer a tailored fit with room for your  growing belly. Option for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, especially if you’re working long hours.  Pair them with maternity trousers or skirts. 

2.2. Maternity Pencil Skirts 

Maternity pencil skirts are ideal for office wear. Look for skirts with stretchy panels or adjustable  waistbands. These can be paired with a fitted blouse or a blazer for a polished look. 

2.3. Maternity Dresses 

Maternity dresses for the workplace should be both stylish and comfortable. A-line and wrap dresses are  great choices. Solid colors and simple patterns work well for a professional environment. To give it a more  formal look, add a blazer.


3.1. Elegant Gowns 

For formal events, look for maternity gowns that offer elegance and comfort. Empire waist gowns are  particularly flattering. Choose fabrics like chiffon or jersey that drape beautifully over your bump.  Embellishments and lace can add a touch of glamour. 

3.2. Cocktail Dresses 

Cocktail dresses with stretchy fabrics and flattering cuts can make you feel confident and stylish at any  party. Consider off-the-shoulder designs or dresses with ruching to highlight your figure. 

3.3. Maternity Jumpsuits 

A chic alternative to dresses, maternity jumpsuits can be dressed up with accessories and the right  footwear. Look for jumpsuits with adjustable straps and elastic waistbands for added comfort.

4. SEASONAL STAPLES 4.1. Winter Warmth 

For winter, layering is key. Invest in maternity sweaters, cardigans, and coats that accommodate your  growing belly. Maternity tights or thermal leggings can be worn under dresses or skirts for extra warmth.  Don’t forget a cozy scarf and a pair of comfortable, supportive boots. 

4.2. Summer Comfort 

In summer, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are essential. Maternity shorts and tank tops can keep  you cool. Maxi dresses and skirts in lightweight materials are perfect for staying stylish without  overheating. 

4.3. Spring and Fall Essentials 

Transitional seasons require versatile pieces like maternity cardigans, lightweight jackets, and long-sleeve  tops. Layering is crucial, so mix and match your wardrobe to adjust to changing temperatures.


5.1. Maternity Activewear 

Staying active during pregnancy is important, and comfortable activewear can make all the difference.  Look for maternity yoga pants, sports bras, and tank tops made from moisture-wicking materials.  Supportive belly bands and adjustable waistbands are features to look out for. 

5.2. Loungewear 

Comfort is paramount when lounging at home. Maternity loungewear sets, including soft joggers and  oversized sweatshirts, are perfect for relaxation. Choose fabrics like cotton or jersey for maximum  comfort. 


6.1. Supportive Footwear 

Comfortable footwear is a must during pregnancy. Seek for footwear with adequate cushioning and arch  support. Slip-on styles are convenient as bending down can become challenging. Sneakers, ballet flats,  and low-heeled boots are practical choices. 

6.2. Maternity Belts 

Maternity belts can provide additional support to your growing belly, helping to alleviate back pain. They  can be worn discreetly under your clothes or over your outfits for a stylish look.

6.3. Scarves and Jewelry 

Accessories can elevate any maternity outfit. Scarves, statement necklaces, and earrings can draw  attention to your face and away from areas you might feel self-conscious about. Plus, they add a touch of  personal style to your look.


7.1. Nursing-Friendly Clothing 

As you transition into the postpartum period, consider investing in nursing-friendly tops and dresses. Look  for designs with easy access for breastfeeding, such as wrap tops, button-down shirts, or hidden zippers. 

7.2. Comfortable Undergarments 

Comfortable and supportive undergarments are crucial during and after pregnancy. Maternity bras and  underwear designed for postpartum bodies can provide the necessary support and ease.


1. Buy as You Grow: Your body changes gradually, so purchase maternity clothes as you need them. This  ensures a better fit throughout your pregnancy. 

2. Prioritize Comfort: While style is important, comfort should be your top priority. Look for soft, stretchy  fabrics and avoid anything too tight or restrictive. 

3. Choose Versatile Pieces: Option for items that can be dressed up or down, and that can transition from  one season to another. 

4. Layering is Key: Layering allows you to adjust your outfits according to the weather and your body  temperature, which can fluctuate during pregnancy. 

5. Don’t Forget About Postpartum: Some maternity clothes can be worn postpartum, especially those  designed for nursing. Consider the longevity of your purchases. 


Pregnancy is a unique time, and your wardrobe should celebrate this special period with comfort and  style. From casual chic outfits to work-ready ensembles and special occasion wear, there are endless  maternity outfit ideas to explore. Remember to choose pieces that make you feel confident and  comfortable, allowing you to embrace your pregnancy journey with joy and grace. Happy dressing!