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Products For Those Personal Care Struggles You Didn’t Even Know Had Legit Solutions

by Emma Lord

1. A migraine relief beanie for when your brain decides it’s going to rattle against your skull at the least convenient time possible. This gets icy *and* hot depending on what kind of relief you’re looking for, and doubles as a sleep mask so you can block out harsh light or try to get some shut-eye for further relief. 

Model wearing blue beanie and smiling


IceBeanie is a small business that specializes in cold therapy products. 

Promising review: “I don’t usually write reviews, but this thing is literally a game changer. Amazing quality, so comfortable to wear, and it really helps me to relax and also when I have a headache. This is top-shelf. I am so happy with my purchase!” —Bonnie Boughton

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2. A bottle of sulfate-free biotin shampoo that thousands of reviewers swear by for helping restore their hair and promote healthy hair growth over time. It also includes nourishing ingredients like rosemary oil, zinc, and coconut oil to help moisturize locks and give them a fuller, more volumized look. 

reviewer's before and after of hair that looks noticeably fuller and thicker after 6 months of using the biotin shampoo

Read more about how biotin shampoo could help with the fullness of hair at Cleveland Clinic.

Maple Holistics is a small business that specializes in beauty products with all-natural ingredients. 

Promising review: “I love this shampoo! I had gastric sleeve surgery, and my hair was very, very thin. I started taking biotin and switched to biotin shampoo, as recommended by my doctor. It doesn’t make your hair grow by washing it, but it makes your hair and roots stronger. And it worked. After using the whole bottle, my hair was stronger. I had a lot of new growth that was sticking around (the previous new growth fell out early on), and my hair was getting thicker. Eight months later, my hair is back to normal. It’s longer and thicker than ever.” —Diane J. Huff

Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

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3. CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum to help refine pores and improve your skin texture and tone, particularly from post-acne marks. Reviewers especially love how lightweight and non-greasy it is, and that it plays nice with sensitive skin. 

Before-and-after comparison of a person's cheek showing improvement in skin clarity
Person holding a bottle of CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum over a sink

Promising review: “I am very pleasantly surprised with the results of this so far! I’m in my mid-40s and fair-skinned. Sun damage and age spots were starting to take over my complexion. I’ve tried so many expensive creams, serums, facials, etc, with little results. Decided to try this based on the number of reviews, and I was not disappointed. After less than a week of using this in combo with their morning facial moisturizer with SPF, I already see a noticeable difference. My skin is hydrated, so much softer, and I can actually see the discoloration fading! I am shocked.” —KMC

Get it from Amazon for $16.65. 

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4. Self-heating soothing foot masks made with Epsom salts, lavender, and peppermint perfect for anyone whose recent step count is “too many.” Now instead of dealing with aching feet all night, you can get ahead of the situation with some ~self care~. 

Small pouch with two foot masks in it
Feet propped up with two metallic foot masks on them

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Check out a TikTok of the foot masks in action. 

I’m a long-ish distance runner, and these were certainly an interesting experience for my feet! You slide them on and, after a few minutes, feel a tingling, mildly burning (in a good way) sensation. It doesn’t quite numb your feet, but it relaxes them. I kept them on for 30 minutes and then toweled my feet off, and the tingling sensation slowly faded over the next 30 minutes. After that my feet felt very refreshed and relaxed at a time of day when they’re usually aching from all the miles I put in. The whole thing was a mess-free, easy process, and I will definitely keep them on hand for longer run days! 

Promising review: “Very soothing. My husband and l used these on our European vacation and they definitely felt good on our feet!” —KS2018

Get a set of three pairs from Amazon for $11.97

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5. Plus a popular foot exfoliant peel reviewers swear by for calluses and rough, cracked skin — you apply the two bootie-shaped masks on your feel for an hour, wash your feet, and then over the next five to seven days enjoy the bizarre satisfaction of watching the dead skin on your feet peel away to reveal smooth feet. 

Reviewer foot with peeling skin
Reviewer foot with skin peeled from it

Promising review: “I was dubious at first, having seen this on TikTok. I can now confirm that it works as directed and the results are amazing. Twenty-four hours after I soaked my feet in the plastic bag, nothing happened. Then 48 hours later it started working. Seventy-two hours and it was in full working mode. Like other reviewers, I also suggest just letting the skin come off naturally. The shedding lasts for a few days. Results are incredible. Will use this again!” —Vanessa

Get it from Amazon for $14.25 (available in two styles). 

6. A pack of unscented antiperspirant wipes that work for up to *seven days* after application — perfect for those of us whose underarms are a little, uh, enthusiastic, to say the least. Reviewers especially swear by this for events that might bring on nervous sweating! 

reviewer holding sweatblock wipe packet

Psst — you should definitely “patch test” this on a small area of skin before putting it on to ensure you don’t have any reaction! 

Promising review: “Was pretty skeptical. Bought it and it’s changed my life. First use and I did not sweat, at all, for probably a week. I had already been using Lume deodorant for a few years now and was looking for something else as I felt I’m building a resistance to it. I should’ve been using this to begin with. Second application I applied to other areas of my body, zero sweat. Amazed.” —Hanna L. Hetz 

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $19.99 (each box lasts two months).

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7. A saline nasal gel to help soothe your poor, dry nostrils that are 10000% done with the cold this year. You can apply one to two drops directly around your nostrils for instant relief from the discomfort, including soothing aloe to moisturize the area. 

Hand squeezing Ayr Saline Nasal Gel onto fingertip for application


Promising review: “I don’t like to talk about it, but every year, my nose becomes super dry to the point where I sometimes get a bloody nose. I usually use some squeeze saline, but it got so bad this year that I decided to get this gel. A dab on a finger or a swab and my nose is hydrated, moistened, and not dry as a desert. No winter bloody noses! It is very light, is not slimy or like Vaseline, and it does not have any smell.” —Catherine

Get it from Amazon for $3.62.

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