Winter Nail Trends

Winter’s Biggest Nail Trends

The coolest manicure ideas for 2024

Shimmery manicure

Oh the weather outside is frightful. But your nails? Completely delightful, thanks to winter 2024’s biggest nail trends.

This season, the nail world is taking a cue from the weather, embracing icy layers or choosing to put a bow on the colors they love most dearly. While some of these looks work best under the eye of a skilled professional, there are plenty of ways to DIY them. Keep reading to hear what the nail pros have to say about winter 2024’s coolest manicures. Plus, the best way to get these looks yourself.

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Midnight Chrome

“The glazed donut nail trend will continue to be around but with a twist,” says celebrity manicurist and OPI Global Ambassador Zola Ganzorigt (she basically invented the glazed mani, NBD). “I am obsessed with black nails right now and recently created the glazed look with OPI. To take the basic black-mani next level I added OPI Tin Man Can chrome powder on top for a glossy, glazed final manicure.”

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A New Take On Velvet

Gray velvet nails

Expect velvet nails to continue their reign, but with a twist. “This winter I’m having a lot of requests for velvet nails using magnetic cat eye polish, oftentimes with a glass or transparent color on top to give the nails even more dimension,” says hand painted nail artist Kaitlin Hughes.

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Dark Abstracts

Dark abstract manicure designs

Another trend Hughes has her eye on? Dark abstract designs. This one is especially fun because there’s no real inspiration image necessary. Ask your nail tech to get artsy or play around with your own skillset. If it doesn’t look perfect, who cares? It’s abstract!

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Ribbons and Bows

Bow nails

The ribbon renaissance has arrived, and it’s not going anywhere.

“We’ve always had bows in nail art, but they’re dominating our feeds right now. Ribbons are having a moment in fashion and jewelry, and we’re going to see a lot more of them as people fall in love with them in their holiday looks and realize that bows are actually quite evergreen,” Deco Beauty founder Julianna Dahbura tells Byrdie.

The easiest way to get this look? Nail stickers! Deco’s Golden HourPink Pony, and Mon Cheri sheets ($10 each) all feature the classic coquette design.

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Baby Blues

Baby blue manicure

“Winter is upon us and along with the typical winter classics we are seeing lots of ’90s-inspired shimmery baby blues,” says Essie celebrity manicurist Steph Stone, whose clientele includes Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Stephanie Hsu. “If you don’t have a shimmery blue you can achieve this trend by layering Essie Expressie FX($10) in Immaterial Frost over a normal blue you already have, or even a white or soft lavender.”

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Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals nails

Silver chrome is the metal of choice for this season and gold is officially in the number two spot. That being said, we’re also seeing a lot of mixed metal looks which makes it easier to wear this trend with your gold jewelry,” says Dahbura.

Stone agrees. “I think we’re going to see more mixed metals than ever before,” she adds. “More is more! No more ‘are you a gold or silver person’—we’re combining them all and having fun. Metallics layered with chrome powder? Sure! This is the year of experimenting and having fun with shimmers and shines.”

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Icy Layers

It’s time to break the ice. Or cover it with glitter, at least. “Layering a solid nail color with a metallic or glitter shade such as the combo OPI Put on Something Ice on top of Sickeningly Sweet ($12 each) creates the perfect icy, winter mani look,” shared Ganzorigt.

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Shimmering Brown

Is this not the coziest color? Brown is just neutral enough while retaining a little bit of flair. “I see people leaning towards browns with a little more shimmer and dimension such as OPI’s Hot Toddy Naughty ($12). It’s the perfect winter-shade!” added Ganzorigt.

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(Not So) Subtle Embelishments

And if you don’t want to stick with just lacquer? Add something on top! It’s the simplest way to make your mani a showstopper.

“Subtle embellishments are here to stay through 2024,” shares Stone. “Try adding dried flowers, gems, or subtle metallic accents over a neutral like Essie’s Ballet Slippers ($10) or Gel Couture Fairy Tailor to pull off this look!”

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Glittery French

“French manicures will forever and always be on trend,” says Rianna Basurto, the marketing specialist at luxury nail salon Bellacures, “The glitter design is a fun rendition of this classic mani during the winter season, as it brings the festivity of the holidays during this time of year in an understated, yet classy way.”

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